Kate Smurthwaite

Tuesday, March 12 2013 at 7:30PM

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1 Savoy Crescent
Milton Keynes

Kate Smurthwaite

What's the talk about?

Kate Smurthwaite is a comedienne, feminist and atheist activist. She is perhaps best known for a gone-viral video clip taken from BBC One show The Big Questions known as "Atheist Bitchslap", and also for her annual one woman show "The News At Kate" at the Edinburgh Fringe and other national and international comedy festivals. She is also the vice-chair and media spokesperson for Abortion Rights UK, and a writer for publications including The Guardian, The Independent and Cosmopolitan.

Kate's talk will be (roughly) titled Why Good Sex Matters and How We Can All Have It.

"My talk is about how the overhang of religious dogma has left us with a don't-talk-about-sex culture which is damaging everyone, especially women. The gap is being exploited (I shall argue) by a multi-billion-dollar sex "industry" that, like all massive industries has profit, rather than our best interests, at heart. Caught as we are between the no sex campaign and the bad sex industry, the time has come to reclaim good sex. There is so much to be gained, I will argue including an end to war, famine and climate change, and of course the possibility of great sex!"

The main event starts at 8pm, but please join us for a drink in the bar beforehand. As usual there will be a collection towards expenses, with a suggested donation of