Clio Bellenis

Tuesday, May 14 2013 at 8:00PM

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1 Savoy Crescent
Milton Keynes

Clio Bellenis

What's the talk about?

Clio Bellenis argues for the relevance of philosophy for skeptics.

Having been initially sceptical of the value of philosophy in an age of empiricism, Clio changed her mind after some years studying the subject.

When Prof. Brian Cox dismissed philosophy (as he actually does with everything but physics though, let's be honest!) she decided to put this argument together in an attempt to win over the undecided.

Clio will discuss how science and philosophy, being different, can complement each other, and so improve our knowledge of the world. She will use examples from areas of thought where philosophy is making significant contributions, as well as some which might just be interesting.

Dr Clio Bellenis is a child and adolescent psychiatrist who has spent all her working life in the NHS.

The main event starts at 8pm, but please join us for a drink in the bar beforehand!

As usual there will be a collection towards costs, with a suggested donation of £3.