Richard Wilson

Wednesday, February 12 2014 at 8:00PM

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1 Savoy Crescent
Milton Keynes

Richard Wilson

What's the talk about?

 How Bogus Sceptics Crashed the World

In a sceptical age, even those disseminating wholly bogus ideas - from corporate pseudo-science to paranoid conspiracy theories – have sought to appropriate the language of rational inquiry, with increasingly disastrous results. But what are the hallmarks of bogus scepticism, and how can we distinguish it from the genuine article?

In Don’t Get Fooled Again Richard Wilson highlights the problems that can arise when peddlers of myth and quackery succeed in portraying themselves as sceptics.


Richard Wilson is a writer and activist with a focus on scepticism, corruption, human rights and freedom of expression. He studied philosophy at University College London, and has written for the New Humanist, New Statesman, Prospect Magazine and Comment is Free. His first book, Titanic Express, recounts his search for the truth about the death of his sister Charlotte, who was killed in Burundi in 2000.

In 2009 Richard became the first person to break a super-injunction on Twitter, helping to defeat an attempt by the oil company Trafigura to suppress media coverage of the proceedings of Parliament. Since finishing Don’t Get Fooled Again he has had two small children, run two half-marathons, and spent way too much time on social media.